You can only taste the pure
taste of tea with ZeroWater

You can only taste the pure
taste of tea with ZeroWater

Not just a water filter

The unique 5-stage filter provides delicious pure water. The filter removes no less than 99% of the dissolved solids: that is almost 50% more than competing brands.

That is the reason why tea lovers -and famous tea sommeliers- prefer to use ZeroWater ZeroWater really does justice to the taste of your tea.

Optimally purified water with ZeroWater

The ZeroWater filter is the best tested filter, the only one that brings the TDS value (total dissolved substances) to 0. Independent tests have also shown that our filter, among other things, filters glyphosate from the water 100% . The filtered water not only tastes better, it also contains much less harmful substances!

Delicious coffee with ZeroWater

The taste of coffee is also more intense when you use water that has been purified by a ZeroWater filter. This way you remove substances that influence the taste. With the supplied TDS meter you can easily measure the result of the filtering yourself.

Do you like coffee? Why not make it with purified water and taste the difference.

What is your TDS value?

Let us know and receive €5 discount!

The lifespan of your water filter depends on the TDS value of the unfiltered water. You can measure the value of the dissolved solids with a TDS meter. This value is different everywhere as you can see on the map.

This map shows the TDS values of very many proud ZeroWater owners. Do you want to tell us your value? Please do this through the contact form and receive a voucher for a €5 discount.